Argentina to Print New Banknotes to Address Rising Inflation

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In January 20, 2016

Source:  Caribflame  January 16, 2016

According to a press release dated 15 January 2016, the Banco Central de la República Argentina intends to introduce a new family of notes.

The move was necessary because of rising inflation and the new Argentine president’s decision to devalue the currency.

Right now the highest denomination in the country is the 100-pesos note.

New notes of 200 and 500 pesos will start circulating in Argentina by the middle of the year.

In 2017,  it will also start printing out notes of 1,000 pesos, as well as new coins of 5 and 10 pesos, in addition with the already existing ones of 1 and 2 pesos.

Each note will represent a typical animal of the Argentine regions. The note of 1,000 pesos will show an ovenbird, from the Central Region, the note of 500 pesos a jaguar from the northeast region, and the note of 200 an Austral Frank whale from the Argentinian Sea.

The designs of the 200- and 500-peso notes have been publicized by BCRA: