Australia Next Generation of Banknotes: $5 Banknote Design Reveal

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In April 19, 2016

Source: The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

12 April 2016: The Bank has released images of the new $5 banknote. The images show the basic design artwork of each side of the banknote. Key aspects of the existing design – colour, size and people portrayed – are retained for ease of recognition and to minimise the disruption to businesses. There is a new ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.

Issuance of the new $5 banknote will commence on 1 September 2016, although it will take some time for the new banknotes to be widely circulated. The current series of banknotes can continue to be used even after the new banknotes are issued.

AUD0516 Image: RBA