Bank of England to issue Cleland signature notes

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In February 26, 2015
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Source: Bank of England

24 February 2015: Press Release – Cleland signature notes issue:

With effect from 3 March 2015, the Bank of England will be issuing into circulation £10, £20 and £50 notes bearing the signature of the current Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland. These notes are the same design as those currently in circulation which bear the signature of Chris Salmon, the previous Chief Cashier, and of his predecessors Andrew Bailey and Merlyn Lowther. Cleland notes will circulate alongside the remaining Salmon, Bailey and Lowther notes, with the same status.

The first £5 notes bearing the signature of Victoria Cleland will be printed on polymer and introduced into circulation from the second half of 2016.

£10, £20 and £50 notes bearing Victoria Cleland’s signature will be made available to the cash industry from 3 March 2015 and will be dispensed from some ATMs and branch counters shortly thereafter. Low serial numbered notes will not be available from the Bank’s counter.

* Victoria Cleland was appointed Chief Cashier and Director for Notes in March 2014 and took up the post in June 2014.
* There will be no need for the public to exchange any of the current series notes bearing the signatures of Chris Salmon, Andrew Bailey or Merlyn Lowther. These will continue to be legal tender and will still be dispensed and accepted by ATMs, banks and retailers.

Photo: Bank of England