Bank of Israel to issue new NIS 50 banknote

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In August 6, 2014
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Source:  Bank of Israel, Press Release – July 9, 2014

The Bank of Israel reports that the new NIS 50 banknote’s entry into circulation is expected to occur ahead of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) 5775, which is in September 2014.  This is the first of the new series of banknotes.

The new NIS 50 banknote is green, bears a picture of the author Shaul Tchernichovsky, microtext only visible with a magnifying glass from his poem “Oh, My Land, My Birthplace” and a picture of citrus and fruit inspired by the poem.

The back of the banknote portrays a Corinthian column in reference to parts of Tchernichovsky’s compositions and his wonderful translations of ancient Greek literature.

The current banknotes will continue to be legal tender for several years.

israel 50 front_small     israel 50 back-small