Software Catalogue BANKNOTES


Our Software Catalogue BANKNOTES is an electronic guide containing detailed information on banknotes of more than 50 countries, together with information about their counterfeits. When choosing a currency the following data is displayed:

  • Bank of issue,
  • Currency code,
  • Banknotes in circulation and year of issue,
  • Banknotes out of circulation recently and terms for them to be exchanged by the national bank of the country;
  • Color image of the front and back of each banknote in circulation, with possibility further to zoom the image;
  • Information about the security features of the note and their location on the front and back image;
  • Text information for each security feature and more detailed image of the item;
  • Additional background information about the bill – e.g. personality of the portrait, characteristics, occasion for the issue, etc.;
  • Front and back image of the bills illuminated by UV light;


  • Images of counterfeit bills with counterfeits details position;


  • Comparison of original and counterfeit features with detail description.


Currencies included in the catalogue: Australia (AUD), Albania (ALL), Belarus (BYB), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BAM), Brazil (BRL), Bulgaria (BGL), Britain (GBP), Denmark (DKK), European Union (EUR), Egypt (EGP), Estonia (EEK), Israel (ISL), India (INR), Iceland (ISK), Canada (CAD), China (CNY), Cuba (CUP), Lithuania (LTL), Macedonia (MKD), Moldova (MDL), New Zealand (NZD), Norway (NOK), UAE (AED), Poland (PLN), Portugal (PTE), Romania (ROL), Russia (RUB), the U.S. (USD), Northern Ireland (GBP), Singapore (SGD), Slovakia (SKK), Serbia and Montenegro (YUM), Turkey (TRL), Ukraine (UAH), Hungary (HUF), Hong Kong (HKD), Croatia (HRK), Czech Republic (CZK), Switzerland (CHF), Sweden (SEK), Scotland (SSP), South Africa (ZAR), Japan (JPY) and others.

The most important advantage of the product is the timely updating of the information for banknotes and their counterfeits.

The clients of our catalogue are many bank branches and offices in Bulgaria.



 Euro Coins
    • Denominations,
    • Design,
    • Common sides, National sides,
    • Commemorative coins.

 Travellers Cheques
    • Characteristics,
    • Security features,
    • Denominations.