Cuba to issue new high denomination banknotes

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In February 6, 2015
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Source: SMI- Secura Monde InternationalPrensa Latina News Agency Escambray

The Central Bank of Cuba (CBC) will put into circulation high-denomination banknotes from  February 2015 with  values of 200, 500 and 1000 Cuban pesos (CUP). The aim is for the new high denomination banknotes to ease economic transactions, as currently the highest denomination banknote is the 100 peso note.

The Vice President of the Central Bank of Cuba, Francisco Mayobre, recalled that in recent months the use of CUP has seen an increase in the usage of the CUP in the stores that sell in CUC (convertible pesos).

All three notes will have the same dimensions, 150 x 70mm and are dated 2010 and contain security features for those with visual impairments to distinguish between the notes. The 200 note is predominantly orange, the 500 green and the 1000 red.


Photo: Banco Central de Cuba