The new 500 Syrian pounds banklnotes released

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In August 20, 2014
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Source: SANA – Syrian Arab News agency

The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) put in circulation a new banknote of 500 Syrian pounds on Sunday, 20-07-2014 .

Governor of the bank Adib Mayala said that the new notes will be circulated along with those currently in use for a certain period of time. The old notes will be gradually withdrawn from the market.

The new issue of notes comes within a plan which the CBS started in 2010, where banknotes of 50, 100 and 200 Syrian pounds have been produced so far.

The new banknote, Mayala noted, is different in color, size and the printed figures, with pictures of the Syrian Opera House and a mosaic of the first music note in the world are painted on them. The banknote is made of better-quality materials “in a way to reflect the cultural and historical image of Syria and protect the banknotes from getting worn out”.

What characterizes the new banknotes in terms of security is the high-precision micro-perforation featuring 500 SYP that becomes quite visible when the banknotes are viewed through light. Another notable characteristic is that of flexographic presses that enable people with special needs to recognize the banknotes.

Governor Mayala  also announced that a new issue of the 1000 Pounds banknote will be released in two months.