Polish National Bank to complete series with the new 500-zloty note

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In February 10, 2017

Source: NBP,  Radio Poland News

February 10, 2017: A new 500-zloty note enters circulation today. The banknote completes the “Rulers of Poland” series with a profile portrait of King Jan III Sobieski, who reigned from 1674 to 1696. The back has Poland’s coat of arms with the imperial eagle and one of the country’s most important monuments, the Wilanow Palace in Warsaw.

This concludes a bank note redesign that began in 2014 with the issue of the first four notes — a 10-zloty note (Prince Mieszko I), a 20-zloty note (the first Polish king, Boleslaus the Brave), a 50-zloty note (Casimir III the Great) and a 100-zloty note (Ladislaus II Jagiello). A 200-zloty note (with King Sigismund I) was issued  February 2016.

The new bill is a response to the market demand and the rising costs of maintaining the central bank’s strategic reserves, according to the National Bank of Poland.

 Image: NBP