Royal Bank of Scotland issued its first polymer note on Thursday, October 27th

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In October 31, 2016
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Source: RBS ;  Daily Record

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) has launched its first polymer note with a new £5 note entering general circulation on Thursday, October 27th.

The £5 features illustrations of Scottish poet Nan Shepherd and is part of a new series of ‘Fabric of Nature’ themed notes, and the back features two mackerel – the most valuable stock for the Scottish fishing industry – as well as an excerpt from the poem ‘The Choice’ by Sorley MacLean.

The Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland’ Scottish Board, Malcolm Buchanan, said: “This is a historic moment in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s 300 year history.

“It is our first polymer note, a note fit for a modern age and one that will serve customers across Scotland for years to come.

“It is a representation of what is meaningful to the people of Scotland, designed in partnership with them. This is a note for Scotland.”

The new notes are 15% smaller and the new material is cleaner, more secure and more durable than traditional cotton notes, on average lasting 2.5 times longer.

Royal Bank of Scotland has been issuing banknotes since 1727 and has an average of £1.5bn worth of notes in circulation on a single day.