Sweden’s new bank notes and coins

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In February 17, 2015
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Source: Riksbank;  Business Standard

News-IANS  Stockholm, February 17, 2015:

The Swedish Central Bank, Sveriges Riksbank, has unveiled new coins and bank notes.

This is the first time in 30 years for the Swedish Central Bank to issue new banknotes and coins, Xinhua reported Tuesday.

The bank notes are smaller in size than the current ones.

The new notes feature some of Sweden’s most prominent cultural personalities since the twentieth century.

Figures on the new coins will include Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The bank notes also have security features meant to offer better protection against forgery.

All the coins and bank notes will be replaced except the 10 Swedish Krona (SEK) coin, which will remain unchanged.

There will be a new denomination of 200 SEK.

In addition, a 2 SEK coin will come back to market after having been removed from circulation in 1971.

Four of the new bank notes will be introduced in October this year (2015) and another two bank notes, together with the coins, will start circulation in October 2016.

More than 300 million bank notes and about 2 billion coins will be removed from circulation in Sweden.

The designs of the new note family:

SEK 20  Astrid Lindgren – Swedish author and screenwriter.

SEK 50: Evert Taube  – Swedish author, artist, composer and singer.

SEK 100: Greta Garbo – Swedish film actress.

SEK 200: Ingmar Bergman – Swedish director, writer and producer.

SEK 500: Birgit Nilsson – Swedish dramatic soprano.

SEK 1000: Dag Hammarskjöld – Swedish diplomat, economist, and author.

SEK 2k15

Images: Riksbank

The new Swedish coin set:

SEK 2k15 Coins

Photo: Riksbank


SEK Schedule

Image: Riksbank