Trans-Dniester issues new notes to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII

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In May 5, 2015
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Sources:  Coin Week;  Trans-Dniester Republican Bank (TRB)

The Trans-Dniester Republican Bank, the main bank of  Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic (TMR) commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the victory of Allied Forces over the axis powers in World War II  with the release of limited-edition of one- and ten-ruble commemorative banknotes.

The notes are issued on April 28, 2015. They  feature a special ribbon on the bottom right side of the face that reads “70 ЛЕТ ВЕЛИКОЙ ПОБЕДЫ  1945-2015” (“70 Years of the Great Victory 1945-2015”).

TDR15Image: TRB

The separatist region of Trans-Dniester – a narrow strip of land between the Dniester river and the Ukrainian border – proclaimed independence from Moldova in 1990 (the international community does not recognise its self-declared statehood).

td reg Image:  BBC News

On 22 December 1992 the Supreme Council of TMR decreed to establish Trans-Dniester Republican Bank in accordance with the Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic’s Law  “On Trans-Dniester Republican Bank” in order to regulate the banking sistem of TMR. 

In 1994 new monetary unit was introduced into circulation – the Trans-Dniester ruble.